So You Think Barrel Racing is Easy? Think Again.

THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO HAS WATCHED, COMMENTED, RATED, AND FAVORITED THIS VIDEO! The barrel racing support is amazing! Keep watch and sending this to all the fellow barrel racers you know! And i dont think i ever mentioned but my horse and i are also in this vid, its with clip that says passion, keep an eye out for us! thanks again for all the comments, and keep them coming!

Okay so i made this video because I'm Sick and Tired of hearing people argue that barrel racing is a cruel sport or that its not even a sport. Barrel Racing is one of the fastest and more dangerous sports out there. It takes alot of skill to be one of the best. Where the winners and the losers are separated within miliseconds. Barrel Racing horses are trained to barrel race, its not cruel to them whatsoever. If barrel racing was cruel animal control would have shut down barrel racing DECADES AGO! So don't go around saying that its cruel because its not. Barrel Racers take pride in what they do and if someone insults that pride, we won't just stand there! Send this video to all your friends who support barrel racing! Whoohh!
Okay now im done :]

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