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Provide Motivation

Provide Motivation and Create Consistency in the Barrel Horse

Many barrel racers experience frustration when their horse has too much GO.   However, it can be every bit as (if not more) frustrating when your horse doesn’t seem to have enough GO – especially in moments when it’s needed most.  This week’s Q&A specifically addresses two issues – motivation and consistency.  The video also shares some insight into helping horses on the other end of the spectrum, who have an overwhelming desire to constantly move their feet. 


Trying to physically motivate a lazy horse, can be exhausting and annoying – if you’re not careful, you’ll be doing more work than they are.  If you find yourself having to put a lot of effort into keeping your horse’s energy up, then step back and consider this…


Which horse do you think will put more effort into performing – one that moves with energy because he genuinely wants to – or one that only does so to avoid what happens if he doesn’t?


Contrary to what most people think, a lazy horse is not a lost cause in the barrel racing world.  In fact, what “lazy” really means, is unmotivated.  Creating desire in a sluggish horse means figuring out HOW to motivate him, preferably in ways that create true enthusiasm and not resentment.  If we’re smart, we’ll cause the horse to want to move with energy, before we even ask.


Remember also, that horses AND riders, both have responsibilities to uphold.  If our horse is not responding to our cues consistently, we must look at ourselves first.  It’s important to consider the ways in which we are (or aren’t) being consistent in what we ask, and HOW we ask for it.  To make sure you’re communicating clearly, and your horse understands his responsibilities.


Whether your horse has too much go, too much whoa, or flip flops back and forth – the video below will help you make sure you’re doing everything you can to create natural motivation and consistency you can depend on – when it matters most.

I’m also providing this link to a previous article on Solving the Barrel Horse Feeding Mystery to make sure your horse’s diet supports consistent energy levels.

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